Mountain Bike Classes for Better Biking

Learn Essential Skills to Take Your Riding to the Next Level

Most people learned to ride a bicycle on sidewalks as a child, but mountain biking presents a different kind of challenge. Mountain bike lessons from Santan Shredders will take you beyond the basics for a better riding experience.

A mountain biking class in session with you coach Jim Jensen

Mountain Bike Lessons Provide a Solid Foundation

While there is no substitute for experience, spending time with a certified mountain biking instructor will help you make the transition from a road bike to a mountain bike.

Do you want to develop better climbing techniques? Need help determining the best line? Want to have more confidence while cornering? Mountain bike classes from Santan Shredders will get you on the right track.

Safety and fun are priorities for our group, and our classes are geared to help you develop skills that will give you the best ride possible. We offer both scheduled and private mountain bike lessons to meet your needs. Once you know the basics, we encourage you to hit the trail with one of our group rides.

mountain bike instructors helping kid with form

Learn New Skills in a Supportive Community

Our BICP-certified instructors have advanced training along with many hours of practical experience. Santan Shredders can show you valuable skills that will help you navigate your next ride.

Meet Our Experienced, Certified Coaches

Our skills coaches receive specialized training to share their knowledge with new cyclists. These instructors have all received Level 1 certification from BICP (Bicycle Instructor Certification Program). They also maintain current first aid and CPR certifications.

jim jensen 1

Meet Jim Jensen

BICP and ACA Certified

Jim Jensen grew up in central Illinois jumping his BMX bike around the family farm and has been riding two wheels ever since. Moving to Arizona opened his eyes to a new world of mountain biking, leading him to found the now 1000+ member Santan Shredders mountain bike club in the East Valley region of Phoenix. Jim is professionally certified through BICP and ACA and has been teaching mountain biking skills since 2016. As someone who got into mountain biking as an adult, he loves teaching skills and inspiring his students to learn how confidence-building and empowering mountain biking can be at any age.


Meet Tish Stewart

BICP Certified

I am an ICP Certified Skills Instructor since January 2022. YAY!

I have been coaching mountain biking fundamentals and skills since 1932. HA! No. Since 2016.

My addiction to two-wheels occurred in 2014 on one dark and stormy night in the Sonoran desert. It was the best adrenaline rush EH-VAH!I When I’m not coaching or smashing my trusty steed into the dirt, then you’ll find me kayaking, wildlife watching, teaching math and science, and, well, mountain biking. Is it ever enough?

I look forward to seeing you on the trails!

ken utterback

Ken Utterback

From my first time on a bike, I’ve been in love with two wheels. Bikes have played a large part in my life over the past four decades and despite short departures, I keep coming back for more. My riding interests have included BMX, Road, triathlon and mountain biking. Like many riders, I decided to use the trial and error method to conquer the trails and soon realize this method was not only unsustainable, but potentially dangerous. I quickly enlisted the help of coaches and better riders to unlock new skills which opened new trails and made riding fun. My hope is to give back a little of what riding has given me. Weather leading a ride, coaching, or sharing ideas, my goal is to help others develop their new skills.

Heidi Szabo

Meet Heidi Szabo

BICP Certified

Heidi knew she had a desire to get into mountain biking and did so by purchasing her first mtb using travel points that she acquired during her first job out of college. She started riding with a local women’s group and became instantly obsessed. As someone who loves teaching, she knew she would also love being a coach so after just a year and half of riding she got certified by BICP. When Heidi is not coaching, you can find her riding the local trails with her “home trails” being the Hawes trail system or helping at a dig day volunteering to help build or maintain trails.


Mountain Biking Classes at Affordable Prices

Working with a coach is one of the best ways to improve your abilities. We offer a variety of learning opportunities, and the cost will depend on the type of lesson you choose. Check out our Meetup page to see what’s available.

Most classes include 2-3 hours of coaching and cost $150 per rider. However, we only charge $75 per rider for group classes of six or more. If you need individual attention, a private session is $225.

Learn the Skills and Hit the Trails!

With a basic mountain biking education, you will be ready to enjoy the San Tan mountain trails with a larger group. If you want to improve your cycling skills, check our Meetup page for upcoming classes or reach out to us to schedule a session.

Have Questions?

Below Are Some Common Questions

Most of our classes are at an introductory level, but we are planning to add instruction for cyclists looking for more advanced skills.

A normal session is two to three hours.

Small classes cost about $150 per rider. Groups of six or more cost $75 per rider.

You should bring a well-functioning mountain bike and helmet. You should also bring water to stay hydrated during the class.

We offer private sessions for $225 a session. Please reach out to us to schedule a class.

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