A Mountain Bike Club for Fun and Friendship

East Valley’s Premier Mountain Biking Club

Santan Shredders is a mountain bike group that welcomes riders of all abilities. We believe the beauty of the San Tan Mountain trails should be open to everyone.

The Santan Shredders Mission

Santan Shredders is committed to creating, enhancing, and protecting quality mountain biking opportunities throughout Arizona by improving rider skill levels, organizing inclusive events, and promoting responsible and safe mountain biking practices that evolve and inspire our local riding community.

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Meet our Founder, Jim Jensen

From the early beginning growing up on a farm in the Midwest to now living amongst the mountains of Arizona, Jim spends a large portion of his time on a bike. Moving to Arizona really opened his eyes to an entire new world where he founded Santan Shredders Mountain biking club in 2013. He wanted to gather mountain bikers of all ages and skill levels for group rides in the San Tan Mountain Regional Park. The group currently has over 1,000+ members, making it one of the fastest-growing mountain biking groups in Arizona.

Jim is super passionate about mountain biking and is a ride leader/instructor/coach with certifications through BICP, ACA, and Ninja MTB Performance. Jim loves to share his joy in the sport and is proud of the group’s expansion, especially of the way it can serve as a mountain bike club for beginners. “Riding a mountain bike is a perfect way to burn calories and get a great cardio workout while taking in some very scenic sights while doing it”. Over the years, Jim has witnessed pure transformations of many people who have reached their fitness goals by riding bikes and actively provides ongoing support for those wanting to do so. As someone who got into mountain biking as an adult, he also enjoys teaching skills and inspiring his students to learn how confidence-building and empowering mountain biking can be at any age.


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Join our Mountain Biking Meetup

We would love to see you on the trails this weekend! There is no cost to join our meetup group. Bring your bike, plenty of water, and a positive attitude to join us for the next ride.

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No Rider Left Behind

Our priorities are always fun and safety. We organize our riding groups by ability to prevent anyone from being left in the dust. As you gain more experience, your skills and confidence will grow.

Get Started with Santan Shredders

Are you looking for a mountain biking group in the East Valley region? Santan Shredders is ready to help with bike rentals, skills classes, and group rides. Find us on Facebook and join us on Meetup.

Our Sponsors

Our members receive discounts at local businesses like San Tan Bikes and Tactical Fitness.

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Have Questions?

Below Are Some Common Questions

The easiest way to connect with our group is by joining us on Meetup.

We hold regular rides on Wednesday evenings and on many weekends. Check our Meetup page to learn more.

Our primary trails are at the San Tan Mountain Regional Park, but we hold special events at other locations.

Every rider needs a safe, well-functioning bike and a helmet. We can rent bikes to people without equipment. You should also bring plenty of water and snacks to sustain you on longer rides.

Our riding leaders all have certification through BICP and ACA as well as first aid and CPR training. We group riders by ability and take regular breaks to check in and make certain no one gets left behind.

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